Babs Savage Jazz/Pop, Soul,RnB artist was born in the heart of London and grew up singing in the nightclubs in the days that ID was just a magazine and not a pass to get you into a club. So from 14 years old she was performing with her nine piece band Savajazz and opened for George Michael’s band Wham at the Camden palace — Camden Town now known as Kokos. She session sang and recorded for various artists and then pursued a career in drama studying at Central School. Whilst there she also wrote and directed plays for fellow students really enjoying the creative process. However after falling in love with her husband to be Jon Moss the drummer of Culture Club she decided to follow a career path more suited

around making a family and being a hands on mum. So Babs studied Chinese medicine and went to become one of London’s leading obstetric acupuncturists. She found a niche which suited her working with pre and post natal mothers and fertility patients. However Babs never stopped singing through this period and performed at events and private parties and even sang to her patients to avert their fear of needles. Then around 8 years ago as she was performing at London’s Playboy Club where she met a musician from Chicago who took her covers album back to the US and played it to Producer/Writer/Performer Rickey Rainbow. It was from here with Rickey that she began to write and record her first album of original material. She released her first single LA LA in America reached the top 40 in the Urban charts over there and after releasing her club version it reached #1 in her home territory of London. She went onto release HOT APPLE PIE which made it to #1 in Chicago. Went on to complete her LONDON KISSES album and won the Chicago Music Award for Best Creative Artist of 2019.

Since then Babs has been performing in London venues including the Pheasantry – Pizza Express music venues and in Chicago. She is working on her latest project with Rickey Rainbow a musical production called “WHISPERS” specifically designed for a Las Vegas theatre hopefully to be seen on the stage by 2023.